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Area rugs can be an excellent design feature for any home. Any floor, whether wood, tile or vinyl can be accentuated with an area rug. Using area rugs to define areas of larger rooms for specific activities (a conversation area, dining space, etc.) allows you to create a cozy feel in a larger space. At Great American Flooring, we can help you choose an area rug that not only pleases the foot, but delights the eye as well.

Area Rugs: The art of contrast and complement
From the days of antiquity, area rugs have been used not only to keep feet warm in buildings heated by inefficient fireplaces, but to provide an oasis of color and texture to an otherwise drab floor.

Since the Victorian era, most Americans have used the term “Persian Carpet” to refer to any area rug. Many quality area rugs still come from the Middle East, but in the 21st Century, area rugs also come from Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Spain, France, England, and Scandinavia, just to name a few.

A whole new world under your feet
Modern area rugs are made of any variety of synthetic or natural fibers from wool to polyester. Unlike the older area rugs, modern creations can also feature resistance to mold, mildew and stains, and anti-wrinkle or anti-rolling backings. They can be created by machine or by hand. There are so many styles, in fact, that you may be hard pressed to make a choice when more than one rug may be absolutely perfect for your home.

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Feel free to call us today at (316) 312-0790 with any questions or to set an appointment for an on-time estimate. You can also use our Contact Form. Or visit our showroom at 157 S. Washington, Wichita, Kansas between 9 & 5, Monday through Friday, to see an incredible display of available flooring options. We’re sure you’ll find something to tickle your fancy – and your toes!

More About Area Rugs

There’s A Right Area Rug For Every Room
When it comes to changing the look, or the focus, of a room, both budget-conscious interior designers, and those who have clients with unlimited budgets, count on one space changing element above all others: The area rug. Modern area rugs come in every color you can imagine, and some you’ve never thought of, from muted Earth tones and pastels to the brightest primary tones, and some that you’ll never find on any color chart. Then there are the designs, from traditional and avant-garde geometric designs to animals and leaves and flowers, somewhere out there is an area rug that’s perfect for you. Every texture you can imagine is available as well, from the pleasingly rough, foot- massaging feel of sisal, to rugs so plush you’ll believe you’re walking on a cloud — as well as everything in between. Another fact designers depend on is that area rugs look great on any floor. The right area rug can enhance the depth and richness of a quality hardwood floor. The perfect area rugs will bring warmth and depth to a tile or luxury vinyl surface. And, to most people’s surprise, can even be used to make a carpeted room really pop. Of course, area rugs work great with home décor, but they’re also effective in a variety of commercial applications. In a showroom, different products or product groups can be highlighted with area rugs. Executive offices can be given a unique, individual touch with just the right area rug. And, even hotel rooms, lobbies and public spaces can be made more eye-catching with a beautiful area rug accent.

Area Rugs: The Designer’s Secret Weapon
Area rugs are the original floor covering. The first area rugs probably showed up when ancient peoples learned to weave grasses and rushes. The domestication of sheep, and the accumulated knowledge of how to spin their wool and weave it into fabric most likely predicated the first cloth area rugs. Even before 2000 BC, nomadic Asian tribes began weaving rugs in great numbers. The Mongols are credited with creating the first pile rugs, but it was the Persians who turned rug making into an art form. European rug making most likely began in Spain around 1000 AD, but it really took off after Italian explorer Marco Polo’s travels to China in the late 1200s.

How Modern Rugs Are Made
In the 21st Century, area rugs are primarily made on computerized looms which can imitate even the most intricate hand-woven creations at a much lower cost. The most popular fabrics for machine-woven area rugs are wool, silk, a wool/silk blend, heat-set olefin (which looks like wool and is easily cleaned), and nylon. Handmade area rugs are still crafted by fabric artists, however, and they are the crème de la crème of floor coverings. Perhaps the most beautiful, and certainly the most costly, are created by the pile weave, or knotted weave method. When creating a pile weave rug, each and every knot is tied by hand, a painstaking and incredibly time-consuming process. A 9x12 area rug would take even a skilled weaver more than 6,480 hours (or about two and a half years) to complete. The time and also the incredible artistry involved are why hand-woven area rugs cost so much more than ones created on a loom. It is also why a hand-woven rug is not only an investment but a family heirloom that wll be passed down through many generations.

No matter what the style, no matter what the décor, any space can benefit from the right area rug. For help with choosing the right area rug, contact Great American Flooring’s Interior Designer, Pam Bally, at 316.264.3660.

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