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There is Nothing Softer Underfoot
When it comes to floor coverings, nothing is so warm or cradles your feet like carpet. That’s why many people today choose a variety of carpet styles to complement their décor and comfort their tired tootsies. Lots of folks remember the 1960s and ‘70s when the most popular carpet choice was a long, sort of furry looking carpet called, “shag.” Well, if you really want it, a modern version of shag carpeting is still available. But, in the twenty-first century, there are many more styles from which to choose, each one perfect for the particular way each room is used.


Today’s Carpet Trends
Like cars and clothing, carpet manufacturers are constantly creating (and copying) different styles and colors for the modern homeowner. Solid, neutral colors are always a safe choice when it comes to carpet, and they are still a much desired option. People who favor neutrals are now choosing carpets with simpler designs like tailored patterns and ribbing. Earth tons like beige and brown still top the color list with shades of gray gaining popularity as the “new gray.” But today’s more adventurous carpet buyers are making bolder statements with their color selections. Bright oranges, greens and reds, along with dark browns are the most popular choices. In addition to solid colors, many fashion-conscious consumers are also featuring contemporary patterns including pin dots, basket weaves, geometric shapes and linear designs, and even animal prints.

Choosing the Perfect Carpet
Every family not only has different taste in their carpet colors, the family size, children’s ages and everyday activities will often dictate the perfect style for each area of the home.

Most carpet is made the same way:

  • Extrude fiber is grouped together and twisted into yarn
  • The yarn is heated to lock the carpet fibers into shape
  • Hundreds of needles on a machine sew the backing into place
  • A second backing is attached for more stability and strength

Almost all of today’s carpet is made from synthetic fibers, including nylon, polyester, olefin/polypropylene and a few others. Carpet is also created from natural fibers like jute, sisal and wool. Each carpet material has its advantages – as well as its own drawbacks. For instance, nylon carpets are highly durable and are reasonably stain resistant, making them the top choice for high traffic areas. Where moisture is an issue, however, olefin and polyester are better choices. You may have grown up with plush carpeting (now called Saxony) wall-to-wall in every room of your home. Modern Saxony still looks and feels soft and thick, but it also shows vacuum lines and footprints and homeowners have come to realize that it is not the best carpet for areas with heavy foot traffic. Saxony is best for areas with light foot traffic, like bedrooms and foral living rooms. If having your carpet look as plush as a golf green is not a requirement, maybe Textured Saxony is the choice for you. Textured Saxony is different from regular Saxony because it is twisted differently and then steamed to create a permanent curl to the fibers. That means Textured Saxony won’t show vacuum cleaner lines or footprints. Another benefit – textured carpet will resist showing the wear and tear of everyday use much more effectively than other carpet styles. Frieze is a cut pile carpet that offers a unique look. With a tighter twist than Textured style carpeting, the yarn curls over, making for a very hardy, long-wearing floor covering that hides footprints and vacuum lines, making it ideal for high traffic areas in which you want a richer looking carpet. Cable carpeting is made of thicker, longer yarn than cut pile carpet. It is luxurious, gorgeous and rich underfoot. It’s only drawback is tat is captures footprints and vacuum lines like Saxony. So, while it is not the best choice for high traffic areas, it is still perfect for spaces you consider your home’s showcase. Navigating the maze of today’s carpeting choices isn’t easy. In fact, it can be downright overwhelming. So, many homeowners choose to let Great American Flooring guide them through the carpeting selection process. Our extensive knowledge and experience with floor coverings can help narrow down the choices to those that fit your style and budget and keep you from making a wrong turn.

Carpet Installation by Great American Flooring

Truthfully, most flooring companies can install just about any carpet you select. So at Great American Flooring, we differentiate on service. For on-estimate, on-time professional carpet installation of quality carpets from ShawMark (we’re Wichita’s only ShawMark dealer) and American Carpet Group, turn to Wichita’s flooring leader for over 28 years…turn to Great American Flooring for professional carpet installers.

Great American Flooring is the only store in Wichita to carry the Shawmark Anything Goes line

Great American Flooring is the only store in Wichita to carry the Shawmark Anything Goes line

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